We’re here to help

Our coaches have been doing this for a long time. Whatever the problem is, it is likely they have come across it before and will have suggestions

on how to help. Call or text our office any time to request a call back from your coach.

My child is ill/injured and cannot attend,

what should I do?

Please text 07514 316534 with your child’s name, the venue and time

they attend to let us know they will absent from the session.


My child is shy and doesn’t want to join in?

This is completely normal and happens all the time!

If your child wanted to book onto the course, then it is likely they have an interest in football. Many children can’t wait to start school but that doesn’t always mean they enjoy the nerves of turning up on their first day. It sometimes takes several times of attending before they make friends, feel comfortable and start to learn.

Our courses are structured to build confidence by setting realistic training goals were children and parents can see positive results throughout the course.

As adults, we encourage each other to face new challenges and

persevere with things that we know will benefit us in the long run. It is

common knowledge that active children are more likely to lead healthy

lifestyle’s as they grow older.

You know your own children better than anyone but if you’d like any tips

or advice on how to get them involved, please give us a call.


What is ‘Tournament Week’ and how does it work?

Every four weeks we run a tournament night, giving everyone the chance to put their training into practice.

Coaches will split teams as evenly as possible and they will compete in

matches for the evening. We want to encourage children to develop a

desire to win, whilst avoiding a win at all costs mentality.

Points are awarded during the tournament for not only winning games but also for:

 Teamwork

 Communication

 Encouraging others

 Using new skills, Finding space etc


Please be patient, we don’t have favourite players, our coaches are doing their best to give everyone a chance to win. After just a few weeks, it willbe difficult to split teams into perfectly evenly matched sides, even if they know some children from previous courses.

The next tournament, especially in the younger groups, teams will be

changed again to challenge those who have won previously and to give others a chance to win.


Can I take photographs or film videos at the sessions?

The FA encourage taking photographs of your children participating in sporting activities and it is not an offence for you to take a photograph of your child in the session. However, photographs with other children in the background should not be shared on social media or include the names of any children other than your own.


What happens after the course is finished?

New courses start every 12 weeks. Once you have secured a place onto a course, you will be given priority to continue onto the next course.

Will there be scouts watching our sessions?

Our coaches are aware of the standard players need to be at to be

considered for a trial at a professional club. Scouts need to watch

everyone play without pressure and see how they would usually perform,

so if you do see anyone watching your session, please do not notify your




Why didn’t I receive a welcome text?

A few days before your first session, you should have received a

welcome text. If you didn’t receive this, it is likely we do not have a mobile contact number for you or we have an outdated/incorrect number. Please contact us to update your details to ensure you receive any other notifications about your course.


Do sessions run for 12 continuous weeks?

We will always try our best to run our courses for 12 consecutive weeks,

including running through school holidays.

On occasion, schools will need the sports hall for exams, open evenings

etc. In these instances, we will try to secure an outdoor AstroTurf or grass (in spring or summer) pitch (if one is available) or occasionally may have to cancel a session and add it onto the end of the course. All notifications for course changes will be sent via text message to the mobile number you booked with.

It’s a bank holiday/half term week, will my session still be on?

All our venues will be running during half term and bank holidays.

Occasionally, due to building work, exams, open evening’s etc the school will notify us of certain dates where they are unable to provide a pitch for us. If this is the case, we will always send out a text message to notify you of cancellations.

My session is outside but it’s raining?

Due to the nature of the weather in England, it is inevitable that at some

point football will be played in the rain. If the weather is so bad that it is

unsafe to play in, then we will always send a text message to confirm a

cancellation. Many children look forward to their session all week, so we

will always do our best to minimise the number of cancelled sessions.

Please dress appropriately for the weather.

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